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Got something specific in mind? Talk to us about building your dream pedal. Maybe you want an existing Jellyfish Electronics pedal, but you cant stand goofy names and and all your pedals need to be bright pink? We can accommodate you! Contact Us about building your next custom designed pedal and check out the gallery of some of our custom work.

Wizard Sleeve
A special release for GTK Industries and the Super Special Secret Gear Show, the Wizard Sleeve is a monstrous fuzz with controls for a self-oscillation crazy noise mode.
Heavy Louder
This is a custom-painted Blinding Voip for Pat Gochez of Pat & the Hats. The insides are standard but the paint is not. The name is also a pun on his solo album, "Heavy Loader."
A bass fuzz pedal for Brenden Harisiades (get it?) from Pat & the Hats. One side is a big fat bass fuzz and the other is a clean JFET boost.
Linc Boost
Another custom painted Blinding Voip, this green gem was built for Lincoln Kenny of the Greenlights.
Another bass-heavy dirt machine. Controls for Gain, Volume, Clean Blend, and a switch to go from crunchy grind to thick fuzz.
Super Looper Grouper
Two independent buffered effects loops in one pedal.
Strange Blaster
A germanium treble booster used to capture the magic of the classic Range Master, but with the added Tone control to adjust bass frequency roll-off point.
Thunder Muffin
This is a two-in-one effect with the right side being a big modern fuzz sound and the right side being a clean FET boost channel.
Original Gold Drive
This is the Original Gold Drive. Huge amp-pummeling rock and roll distortion. This custom shop build inspired the current production Gold Drive.
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Super Looper Grouper

Two independent buffered effects loops in one pedal.