Lucky Penny


The Luck Penny has two independent channels, The Tails side is low gain. clean, transparent and simple with controls for Gain and Volume. The Heads channel picks up where Tails left off - full bodied rich overdrive with controls for Gain, Volume, and Tone. On their own, each side is great at providing you with more of what you love about your tone already, but mix them together, and that's where the real magic happens. 



The Girthquake - It's an overdrive that can be both raucous and smooth, depending on what you need from it. With three controls, Gain, Tone, and Volume, it is flexible and can suit your needs if your looking for a hard rock distortion/overdrive to a smooth crunchy boost. Compare it to a MXR Distortion + mixed with the legendary Harmonic Percolator.


Overdrive, Distortion, Dirt, Gain, Grit, Just general uncleanliness
Gold Drive


Big amp distortion. The kind of distortion you might expect if your big amp was black and gold... Plugging this thing in to a Fender Princeton turned it into a fire-breathing half stack monster. Try it out, but you have been warned!


It has controls to control the Low end thunder and the High end scream, as well as the obligatory Gain and Volume controls.



The Shipwreck Overdrive is designed to emulate the cascading gain stages of a tube amp, with discreet controls over two gain stages, output volume, and high-end tone shaping. This extremely versatile overdrive can go from clean chime to thick rich distortion. The characteristics are infinitely variable with the interactivity of the two gain knobs. The Shipwreck also cleans up nicely with your guitar's volume knob - leave the Shipwreck cranked and adjust your gain right from your guitar. 

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