Turd Burglar


This thing is gross... but wait! Gross in a good way! This little guy packs a punch. From roaring fuzzstortion to a stuttering fuzznato, this pedal doesn't know the meaning of subtlety. The Stank knob controls the character of the snarl and can provide self oscillation or octave up textures, should you desire. 


Fuzz King


Bow down, your king has arrived. The Fuzz King rules the land with an iron fist. This fuzz pedal is smooth and sultry with the gain knob down, adding bite and harmonics to your tone. Crank the gain however and feel the wrath of pure germainum fuzz monarchy - snarly, compressed and vicious. The tone controls, a LOW and a HIGH knob keep your sound in check, boosting or cutting the amount of low-end thunder or searing high-end. One master VOLUME knob keeps the whole fuzzy empire right where you want it.



Thick, hairy, meaty, smooth, and furocious. Just like your mom.
Murder By Fuzz


Premeditated and cold-blooded, the Murder by Fuzz will make your heart stop with its gobs of rich silky fuzz. The MBF has Muff genetics, but split from the DNA chain long ago, following its own evolutionary trail. The Murder By Fuzz gets its fuzz from two different, selectable, MOSFET transistors, allowing it to be reminiscent of its classic ancestor, but much more open and less compressed. The Murder By Fuzz has a 3-band tone section, allowing you to dial in the perfect amount of Bass, Midrange, or Treble.