Premeditated and cold-blooded, the Murder by Fuzz will make your heart stop with its gobs of rich silky fuzz. The MBF has Muff genetics, but split from the DNA chain long ago, following its own evolutionary trail. The Murder By Fuzz gets its fuzz from two different, selectable, MOSFET transistors, allowing it to be reminiscent of its classic ancestor, but much more open and less compressed. The selectable modes provide either full thick bottom end or rich focused midrange.  Gone is the prehistoric "Tone" knob, and instead, the Murder By Fuzz has a 3-band tone section, allowing you to dial in the perfect amount of Bass, Midrange, or Treble. Roll back the Fuzz control and the MBF provides crunchy distortion, open and full of harmonics - or crank it for screaming sonic homicide.

Murder By Fuzz