Killbox 2000


This ain't your Grandma's Killswitch. This is a dual function murder machine, designed to cut the life out of your guitar signal any way you want. The KILL switch is latching so when you stomp on it, the signal goes away until you stomp it again. The STAB switch is only momentary, so your signal is toast, but only while you're holding the button down. Use this switch to get sweet stutter effects, as fast as your little foot can twitch. 



Signal Flow

Get your tone where it needs to go

Super Loop


Put those tap dancing shoes away! You look silly! The Super Loop is a switchable effects loop you can use to turn multiple pedals on or off at a time. Got a killer solo tone dialed in but it involves a compresser, drive and delay? Put them in the Super Loop and turn them all on at once. Got one of those crazy old Digi Space Stations where the tones are out of this world, but the tone-suck is... sucky? Get them out of your signal chain when you want with the true-bypass Super Loop. 



2017. Copyright Jellyfish Electronics LLC

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